My Bio

I have a forty-year career in the professional theater as an actor, director, writer and producer. I was a member of the Milwaukee Repertory Theater acting company for five seasons from 1980-85 before coming to Massachusetts where I served as the artistic director of StageWest in Springfield until 1993. I have held full a full professorship at both the University of Connecticut and Brandeis University where I taught acting, directing and theater production. I have adapted a wide range of material for the stage including a cycle of plays based on Euripides and an original play about Edgar Allan Poe which was recently produced by the Berkshire Theater Group in Stockbridge and Pittsfield, MA, my artistic home, where I serve as an artistic associate and where I have directed over forty of the productions in the several hundred I have directed in my career. I have been a working professional actor simultaneously and have performed in roles from Shakespeare to Ira Levin. My acting career began when I was quite young and was featured on many shows in the Pittsburgh area where I grew up, including Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. I worked and studied with Japanese experimental theater director, Tadashi Suzuki, in Japan from 1984-94 and toured internationally with the Suzuki Company of Toga before moving to my current home in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts where I founded my acting company, the BlueHill Performance Ensemble, before joining the Berkshire Theater Group.

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