About H.O.W.

Hill On Wheels is an experiment in camper travel and blogging. This is a journey with no set destination or time limit. Part of my time is spent camping in beautiful spots and capturing them in photographs. Part of my time is spent asking the question ‘What does it mean to be an American?’ I’m trying to ask that question to as many people in as many places in America as a guy with a dog and a camper can reach. It’s not the seat of luxury, but I am pulling an Arrow River Starcraft AR One behind my Toyota Tacoma, armed with my Canon 70D and aided by the companionship of my three-year old black lab, Gaia. We are heading out to fulfill a lifelong dream of seeing the United States and meeting some incredible people along the way and asking that one enduring question: What does it really mean to be an American? Capturing the answers on video along with my travelogue is the stuff of this blog. In this time in the life of our country, I think it is my responsibility to protect my own individual freedom by understanding firsthand what is happening  in the many places that make up this nation. I chose to share it with my fellow citizens as a social responsibility as well as a pleasure.

I bring a forty-year career as a director, actor, and writer in the professional theater combined with a lifelong love of travel and a passion for storytelling.

Eric Houston Hill


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