The South

“The South was created by the need to protect a peculiar institution from threats originating outside the region,” the Southern historian Sheldon Hackney writes in his essay “Southern Violence” (1969). Consequently, “the Southern identity has been linked from the first to a siege mentality.” Being Southern, he says, “involves a feeling of persecution at times, and a sense of being a passive, insignificant object of alien or external forces.” Among these forces he lists abolitionists, the Union Army, carpetbaggers, Wall Street, civil rights agitators, the federal government, feminism, socialism, trade unionism, Darwinism, communism, atheism, daylight saving time, “and other by-products of modernity.” And writers like me, nature’s own subversives.
Paul Theroux – Deep South: Four Years on Back Roads

Lee surrenders at Appomattox


About Eric Hill

A director, actor and writer with fifty years of professional theater experience and a love of nature, I am creating a blog for people who love the outdoors and finding great cultural sites and adventures across America. I have a Arrow Wood Starcraft AR ONE camper and Canon70 D that goes with me everywhere. It's capable of highest DSLR functions including still photography and 4G videos. Oh, yes, I've also got my black lab Gaia who also goes everywhere with me. We'll be traveling across America and brining our adventures in incredible places, meeting amazing people home to you right here at Hill On Wheels!
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